Saturday, February 12, 2011

Higuchi Army Katana Sheathed

This Katana was used in Xena Season 6 episode Friend In Need or better known as FIN. These were used by the Army Gabrielle led. This whole katana has GREAT detail on it. The handle is the most detailed but the sheath has detail at the top middle and bottom. This katana is similiar to Gabby's but there were little differences between them so that they could tell Gabby's apart form these. Gab's detail was in silver and on her handle there was a blue cloth. This katana's deatil is all in blue and no cloth. Still this is an Awesome item and I'm happy to add it to my collection!! Sorry for the crappy screen cap but this is the only one I could get with this sword. It is between the two army men. :)

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  1. Got the same blue katana's, sheathed and unsheathed. Have two sets in gold as well.