Thursday, February 4, 2010

Xena Cut Off Sword

This is a VERY treasured piece of Xena history that I am extremely proud to own. It is an FX Xena cut off sword!!! Roger Murray who was the prop master for Xena & Herc said that a cut off sword was used for a specific episode so this is a one off prop!! This sword was used in one of the episodes during seasons 4-6. The way you can tell is that Roger said halfway through the series they changed the swords mold eliminating a scroll pattern on the hilt. It was not visible enough in most scenes to see it and this sword does not have a scroll pattern on it. There also looks to be some kind of impression that was left on the hilt either by an air bubble in the mold creating the imperfection or by a thumb print that could have been caused by them taking it out of the mold before it was completely hard. The sword is resin and has all the Paua Shells still intact on both sides of the sword. It is pretty heavy too. I LOVE this piece and am so glad to call it one of my most treasured pieces in my collection!! I believe I have found it in a episode. Xena Season 5 Ep "Devi". When Xena finds the priest hung in the temple she throws her sword to stop Eli from getting away and this sword was used to keep his clothes pinned against the wall. Then Xena goes over and pulls it out of the coloumn. Pretty Cool!! :) See screen caps above.