Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alti FX Sword

Here is another gift from My FAB-U-LOS friend Morgan!!! Thanks Morgan!! This is a resin FX Alti Sword which was used in the eps when Xena and Gab are in India Season 4 ep "Between The Lines" :)

Spear Top

This was given to me from My Good Buddy Morgan!!! This is a foam spear top and it is just way cool!! I LOVE IT!!!! I'll be on the look out for a screen grab just haven't had a chance to get one. As soon as I do I will post it!! :)

Sumerian Sword from Hercules

This was given to me by my Very Good Friend Kim as a gift!!! I LOVE this sword. It was used in my eps of Hercuels. Here they are..."Faith, Desent and Darkness Rising". This sword was used by many people including Michael Hurst/Iolaus but it was also used as a set dressing. This sword is all resin and has seen better days as you can see the handle has some damage to it but that just proves it was Well Used!!! Thanks Kim my Darlin!!! Love Ya!! :)

Higuchi Army Katana Unsheathed

This katana was used in Xena season 6 ep Friend In Need or also known as FIN!! This katana was used by the Higuchi army and as you can see this one is unsheathed. I have a sheathed version so check that one out too. You can see this one being used by one of the army men who is on the right side of Gabby. The katana is all resin and has great detail around the handle. Very well made and I am soooo happy to add this to my collection!!! :)

Higuchi Army Katana Sheathed

This Katana was used in Xena Season 6 episode Friend In Need or better known as FIN. These were used by the Army Gabrielle led. This whole katana has GREAT detail on it. The handle is the most detailed but the sheath has detail at the top middle and bottom. This katana is similiar to Gabby's but there were little differences between them so that they could tell Gabby's apart form these. Gab's detail was in silver and on her handle there was a blue cloth. This katana's deatil is all in blue and no cloth. Still this is an Awesome item and I'm happy to add it to my collection!! Sorry for the crappy screen cap but this is the only one I could get with this sword. It is between the two army men. :)

Yodoshi's Army Katana Unsheathed

Here is a Yodoshi Army Katana unsheathed. Looks exactly like the one sheathed but as you can see there is a blade on this one where as my other one doesn't come out of the sheath since it is one piece!! This one did not come with it's sheath though. Just the sword. It is all resin and the handle is very detailed. Very nice item!! :)

Yodoshi's Army Katana Sheathed

This Yellow and Black handled Katana was used by Yodoshi's Army. Very Cool Item!!! This one is set in a black sheath. Katana is stationary in the sheath and can't be removed. The whole piece is resin and has detailed designs along the handle. This katana was used in the Season Finale of Xena, The FIN episodes!! Enjoy!! :)