Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black/Black FIN FX Katana

Here is the 2nd FX Katana I own that was used in the FIN episodes of Xena. This resin Katana has a black handle and black cloth around it to make the diamond shapes on the hilt. This were most likely used in the sheaths to make it lighter for the actors. These actually have some weight but not much. As soon as I get the screen grabs I will post them. I LOVE these!! Love 2 U M!! :) Update: I belive that this item was used by the drum beaters when Yodoshi's army is getting ready to attack Xena. Looks about the same size, width and shape. Sweet!!

Red/Black FIN FX Katana

This is Awesome!!! I Love the FX items from Xena and Herc and I have two FX Katanas used in the FIN episode of Xena. These were probably used in the sheaths of the army warriors so that they were a little lighter than a long sword. These actually have weight to them but not much. This resin FX Katana has a red handle and is covered with black cloth to make it the diamond shapes around the hilt of the Katana. I haven't gotten a screen cap of them being used but when I do I will post it. Love to ya Morgan!! :) Update: I belive that this item was used by the drum beaters when Yodoshi's army is getting ready to attack Xena. Looks about the same size, width and shape. Sweet!!

3 Resin Daggers

These are really cool. These are 3 daggers that I have not yet found in an ep. They could be throwing daggers or ones that simply just sat in the bad guys dagger holsters. They are very light in weight and are a little flexiable. Once I find them I will post them. Love ya Morgan!! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FIN FX Spear Tops

Morgan and I shared these wonderful props!!! We both found them in scenes of The Director's Cut Xena FIN eps. WE found them in several different parts. To explain what they are...they are the tips of the spears that were used throughout the final eps. Xena broke them off later when Yodoshi's army attacked her. The first spotting was when Akemi takes Xena to get the sacred Katana. In the Master Katana Blacksmith's Hut these were along the side of the hut standing in a rack. The second sighting was when Xena and Gabrielle saved Higuchi from burning down. You can see it in the crowd. The third was while Xena was getting attacked by Yodoshi's army. Xena gets charged with these spears and she breaks the tips off using her hands and knees. As in the scenes you can see them flying off and onto the ground. Then Xena kicks one and it flies towards Morimoto the leader of the army and he catches it in his hands (great shot). But these are really cool FX items. They are made of resin and painted to what looks like gray. The ends have metal poles sticking out of them because that is where they were attached to the wooden spear. Really nice prop. I am happy to have them in my collection!! Thanks Morgan :)

Tiki Sword

This sword was spotted being used by Cyane but I have also found this sword in a few eps of Hercules and decided to make another post of it since the Cyane sword post is in my Amazon section. I spotted the Tiki Swords in Hercules Season 2 Ep "Under The Broken Sky" being used by the bad guy Pilot. Lucina picks it up off the ground and Pilot runs into it killing him. I also spotted a dagger on another bad guy that matches the Tiki Sword so if anyone has that I would love to get it!!! :) Ok the next ep was Hercules Season 2 Ep"The Sword Of Veracity". It was in the pile of possible Swords of Truth. Epius picks up the Tiki sword right when Herc and Iolaus are going to get attacked by Minotaurs. And the third one is in Hercules Season 2 Ep"Once A Hero". Hera's guards use these to attack Hercules, Iolaus, Jason and the Argonauts.

Fallen Angel Sword

This prop is from my favorite Drama episode. Fallen Angel is one of the most spiritual episodes and gives me a sense of Peace when I watch it. The Sword was used in Xena Season 5 ep "Fallen Angel" of course LOL. I have provided screen caps of Xena as well as Gabrielle using the sword but this sword was also used by many of the other Arch Angels. Truely an Amazing piece that I am very honored to own. :)