Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heavy Resin Skull Sword

This is an Awesome sword. I recently acquired this Heavy resin skull sword. This style sword has been used throughout the Xena series. I have attached two scenes from different seasons and shows. Xena Season 2 episode "Orphan of War" being used by Dagnine and Xena Season 5 episode "Motherhood" being used as a background set piece.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

15 Inch Crossbow Arrow

I recently purchased this from a friend and fellow collector. It is a 15 inch crossbow arrow. It has a resin arrowhead painted silver to look like metal, a resin or plastic shaft and fake red and black striped feather tips but it also has real Pheasant feathers over top of the fake ones which give it a nice accent to the arrow. I have not spotted this in an episode but it should be an easy find. As soon as I do I will post the screne caps. Awesome piece!!! :-)

Green Tipped Arrow

This is another item that my Very Good Friend Kim gave me as a gift. He is such a sweet person to give me such nice presents!!! He definitely knows what I like!!! This is a Green tipped arrow that has a resin arrow head which is painted silver to make it look like metal. The shaft is also resin or very hard plastic and the feathered ends are a very pretty shade of green. Really nice piece. I have not spotted it in an episode but when I do I will post it PRONTO!!! Big Hugs to you Kim!!! :-)

Unknown Sword

This is another Beautiful item that my Very Dear Friend Kim gave me as a gift. It is a resin sword with a little damage but that just proves to me it was well used during the shows. I have seen this type sword in many of the shows episodes but not this exact one but I know I will!!! Thanks again Kim so much for this. You make me one of the Happiest Girls on the planet!!!

The Execution Sword

This was given to me by a Very Good Friend of mine. He surprised me with this Beautiful Foam Sword and I will Treasure it ALWAYS!!! This sword is from Xena Season 2 episode "The Execution". Meleager is wrongly convicted of a murder with this sword and Xena & Gabby must find the truth to prove his innocents which of course they do!!! This is a really nice piece and looks great on my wall!!! Many Thanks Kim!!! Love Ya!!

Helicon Sword

Beautiful resin sword!!! This type sword has been seen in MANY episodes in the Xena series as well as on Hercules. The sword is most known as a Helicon Sword hence the title. I have seen this type sword in the Hercules episodes "Love, Amazon Style", "We'll Always Have Cypress", "The Academy" and "Sky High" but it has also been in the Xena episode "To Helicon and Back" and probably a few others which will come about. I am not really sure which episode mine is from but it may have been in "Love, Amazon Style" as my sword has a brown handle but I can't be 100% sure on that. That is Queen Kayla that is shown here in the screen grab holding a brown handled sword.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Bruce/Autolycus Dagger

Here is another Favorite piece that I now own. Through my Good Friend Morgan I was able to trade my Kali Way Dagger for this Bruce/Autolycus Dagger which I believe was used in Xena Season 4 episode "Takes One To Know One" which also happens to be my FAVORITE episode of all the series. I could watch that episode over and over again and Never tire of it. When Joxer grabs Auto's mustache his reaction is hysterical!!! Auto pulls this dagger on Revenica the bounty hunter because he is trying to protect Xena against her. You can't see the hilt but you can definitely tell by the blade that it is the same dagger. Woo Hoo another win for C-TABA!!!!! :-) Thanks Morgan!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autolycus Sword

Here is one of my favorite swords due to the fact that it was used by Bruce Campbell who is my favorite actor. This sword was spotted in Hercules Season 5 ep "Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My". It is a heavier resin sword with beautiful detail on the blade. The hilt is painted gold with a gold and turquoise pattern cloth and has a turquoise colored tassle on the end. Absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship!!!

Young Hercules Bomb Prop

I have become very fond of the Young Hercules Series which starred Ryan Gosling and Dean O'Gorman and I was very happy to be able to acquire this piece. It is from the Young Hercules Series Ep"Under Siege". The Amazons were given this weapon which was made by Hephaestus and they used it against the Academy. The bomb is made of very light resin and looks fabulous!!!

Many Happy Returns Sword

This is a really nice sword. It was used in Xena Season 6 ep "Many Happy Returns" by the warlords son Frankus. It is a resin sword which has a black and brown handle. The hilt is wrapped with very thin leather and has some kind of seal over it to protect it from wear and tear. Truly a remarkable piece!!

Marcus Bone Sword

Here is an Awesome sword. It has been spotted in many Xena episodes but is most recognizable as Marcus's Sword. Xena's true love. This is a resin sword, a leather strap wrapped all around the hilt and the blade is in a weave pattern with teeth halfway down near the handle. Simply Beautiful!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sun and Cross Sword

Gorgeous resin sword and a bit on the heavy side. This sword has a very unique shape and design to it and I just love it!!! I have spotted this sword in 3 episodes as of now and you can check out the screen caps that are attached. This sword is seen in Hercules Season 2 episode "Heedless Hearts" used by Reanna, Hercules Season 3 episode "Love Takes A Holiday" on the wall in Hephaestus's Forge and in Hercules Season 3 episode "Mummy Dearest" carried by the Egyptian Guards. So Cool!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Iolaus Dagger/King of Assissans

This is a great piece. I spotted this dagger being used by Iolaus in Hercules Ep"Love Takes a Holiday" which you can see from the screen caps it is not cracked but I spotted it also being used in Xena ep"King of Assissans" being taken off a peasant by Cleopatra's Guards and in this screen cap you can see that there is a crack in the same spot as my dagger. This was a great find for me because was used by Iolaus and Two...My Bruce directed the ep King of Assassins. Too Cool. Gotta love the Bruce man!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

King Con Dagger

This has got to be one of my favorite daggers. I spotted it in Xena Season 3 episode "King Con" being used by Titus the gambling lord to hold Gabrielle hostage. It is a heavy resin dagger that is very nicely detailed and has an Awesome handle. I also spotted it being used in Xena Season 3 episode "Warrior...Priestess...Tramp" held by the bad guy that was trying to burn Leah the Hestian Priestess at the Stake. Check out the screen caps. Sweet!!! :-)

Raczar Dagger

This is a cool looking dagger. It was used by Raczar the Head of Prince Morloch's army in Xena Season 6 episode "Dangerous Prey" and I also noticed many of the other army members having this dagger. It looks like it has seen many battles so I am sure I will find it in another episode. It is a resin dagger. The hilt is painted black but made to look like a think strip of leather all around it and it has two holes. One on the hilt and the other on the blade. Right under the hole on the blade it has serrated edges which are not sharp at all but makes the dagger really cool looking. Very nice piece to add to my collection of weapons.

Flying Spiked Darts

Here are some pretty cool weapons. They are flying spiked darts used by the Evil Princess Alexa and her army from Hercules Season 3 episode "War Bride" but one of the screen caps show Hercules holding one. I was able to get 3 of these. The two you see on the left are made of hard foam and the spikes feel like resin which some have fallen off due to use on the show. Each spike is a seperate piece that is fastened with a nail and then glued on to stay in place. The one on the right is made up of hard foam and the spikes are a very flexiable foam rubber and all the ends are wooden spikes. You can see that the paint is coming off. It looks as though the black color was spray painted on but chips off in little pieces. But besides that this weapon is pretty cool because there is a screen shot of it in the title menu on the Hercules DVD which I added that as one of the screen shots. Neat!!!